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About Death RePackaged
Welcome to the website of Death RePackaged.

We are an old MMO community that has been together for over 6 years. Whether its SWTOR or other games, you will find our information and general posts here.

Currently we are building a raiding team to progress to nightmare modes. We are focusing on 8mans atm while we strengthen and recruit to fill the holes needed to progress to 16 man ops. We have all Normal content clear aswell as Eternity Vault 4/5 and Palace 5/5 Hard Modes.

We are Looking for active and dedicated players who want to progress in endgame, we are currently raiding 3 days a week (thou more are being planned once we have a full time group. These days are Monday/Tuesday 7pm GMT Fridays 7PM and Saturdays 4pm. We are recruiting the following.

Sith Warrior

Juggernaut - Tank Open

Marauder - Open (few Spots)

Sith Inquisitor

Sorcerers - DPS Open/Healer Open

Assassins - DPS Open/Tank Open

Bounty Hunter

Powertech - DPS Open/Tank Open

Mercenary - DPS Open/Healer Open

Imperial Agent

Sniper - Open

Operative - DPS Open/Healer Open

If you wish to join us, just create a guildlaunch account and fill out our application form, we aim to process all Applications within 48 hours, if you have any problems with this feel free to contact Apocalyptic and Xioke in game.
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